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If you or someone close to you has suffered an amputation due to an accident, you should immediately seek the assistance of a well-recognized law firm with a proven track record in Massachusetts. Most insurance policies are not adequate to cover all the past, current, and future costs resulting from an amputation injury.

A law firm with extensive experience and exceptional knowledge in handling amputation claims will be familiar with all the potential expenses facing amputees and may be able to locate other sources of compensation for an amputation accident victim from a car accident, construction accident or products liability matter.

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Massachusetts Crush Injuries

A machine tool manufacturer, for example, may be partly responsible for an amputation accident due to poor tool design or inadequate safety guards. It is often difficult to determine all potential sources of recovery and it may be necessary to hire experts and investigators to determine the exact cause of the accident and locate all those parties who may responsible for the injury. Our lawyers at Wood & Gresham, P.C., have handled cases, including traumatic amputation cases. We have the financial resources necessary to successfully investigate and prosecute these complex high-damage cases.

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