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The use of heavy machinery on construction sites is commonly known; after all, everyone is familiar with the sight of large drills, forklifts, jackhammers, power tools, and more. However, the dangers of heavy machinery accidents are less publicized. In fact, up to 100,000 injuries each year are caused by the improper or unsafe use of heavy machinery.

Luckily, the law provides for heavy machinery accident victims to claim compensation in court from negligent parties just like any other personal injury. At Wood & Gresham, P.C., our attorneys focus on personal injury cases, having collected a legendary amount of money on behalf of our clients in terms of settlements and favorable verdicts.

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Why do heavy machinery accidents occur? The causes can range from user error due to improper training or carelessness to mechanical defects, electrical failings, failure of safety devices, limbs caught between or under heavy machines, or a victim being run over by a piece of machinery. Tragically, the vast majority of these accidents could have been prevented if the work site were safer. It only takes a moment to slip and experience a fatal or life-changing injury.

That moment can have long-term repercussions for victims, who suffer everything from burns to disfigurement to the loss of limbs to paralysis or even death in heavy machinery accidents. In fact, machines are responsible for more fatal construction accidents than any other construction site danger. The consequences of these injuries can devastate a victim and his or her family. Medical bills pile up, physical and vocational rehabilitation, ongoing surgeries or medication, and long-term care are often necessary. Who can help the victims of heavy machinery accidents?

We can. Our attorneys' unique experience means we can analyze your case quickly and identify key questions and factors. We can investigate your accident, counter insurers' claims and skillfully build your case for negotiations and settlement. If the insurance company fails to make a fair offer, we can bring our courtroom trial experience to your injury case.

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