Some Teen Driver Accidents Cause Serious Injury. Were You Hurt?

Safe driving is a skill that takes years to attain. Even then, drivers can become distracted by using technology, personal grooming or eating. Our firm has built a history of guiding injured individuals through the legal process of recovering monetary compensation for their damages following an accident.

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We the attorneys at Wood & Gresham, P.C., have extensive experience providing legal advice and representation to clients who were involved in teen driver accidents. We understand the challenges that drivers face after a car accident. They are concerned about their health, not being able to work and getting their vehicles fixed. We strive to alleviate as much stress and worry as possible while pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. Trust our firm to aggressively represent you throughout the process.

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Due to lack of experience, teen drivers are more likely to cause accidents. Their lack of focus and inability to properly assess road conditions are factors that lead to collisions. Other contributing factors include:

  • Texting
  • Distracted driving
  • Cellphone use
  • Chasing friends in other cars
  • Street racing
  • Personal grooming
  • Checking e-mail
  • Using or modifying navigation system

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drivers under the age of 20 are four times more likely to get into crashes than older drivers. Their general lack of control, speed and reckless confidence can cause devastating property damage and injuries.

Teens Should Be Held Accountable For Their Actions, Too

Just because these drivers are young does not mean that they cannot be held accountable for their negligence. Get in touch with our firm to learn more about your options for monetary recovery.

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