Suffered Injuries In A Tractor-Trailer Accident?

Personal injury accidents involving tractor-trailers can be especially severe, including broken bones, brain and spinal cord injuries, and even death.

If you have been injured or if your loved one has been injured — or even has died — in a tractor-trailer accident in Massachusetts, we can help you. We are the experienced Franklin tractor-trailer accident attorneys at Wood & Gresham, P.C., in Wrentham.

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Between us — partners Daniel J. Wood and David Gresham — we have more than 30 years of combined experience in personal injury law, from years spent defending insurance companies. We know how the other side thinks and what they are likely to do, helping clients like you who have been injured in trucking accidents.

Why This Is Important To You

Truckers and trucking companies are required to follow unique state and federal laws and regulations. Also in these cases, there are many parties involved: the owner of the trucking company, the trucking company's insurance company, the driver, for example. All of this makes a case very complex.

Our having this broad and deep experience means that we understand complex cases like those involving trucking accidents, especially all the laws involved. So we can identify all the responsible parties and hold them accountable for their actions, getting you all the compensation you deserve under the law.

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Causes Of Accidents Unique To Tractor-Trailers

Tractor-trailer accidents can be caused in the same ways as car accidents. However, because of the size of the demands on the truckers, they may also involve other causes such as:

Jackknife accidents: A jackknife is when a truck with a tractor goes into a skid and the trailer swings out and stops to form a 90-degree angle. Jackknifing usually occurs when the drive wheels lock while the front wheels and the trailer keep rolling forward. A jackknife can cause multicar pileups, which often result in many fatalities.

Unsecured loads: When equipment or loads are not properly secured, they can shift or fall off the vehicle. This causes an obstacle course of debris for other vehicles. When a truck driver changes lanes or turns the unsecured load, the inside of a trailer can shift and cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

Wheel blowouts: When the tire tread on a truck becomes old or is defective, a blow out can occur. Blowouts can cause the tractor-trailer to fishtail, resulting in the truck rolling over, going airborne or stopping abruptly. Any of these situations can cause accidents with nearby vehicles.

Lack of trucking experience: Driving a tractor-trailer is far different than driving an auto, because you are managing a rig weighing thousands of pounds, shifting multiple gears, traveling in all manner of weather. Add to all those factors an inexperienced driver, and you have a greater likelihood of an accident occurring.

Overloaded truck: When a truck is overloaded, it is more difficult to steer, can more easily roll over and has a greater stopping distance due to its increased mass, among other dangers.

Oversized load: Although big rigs are meant to carry heavy loads, there are federal and state regulations governing the maximum weight of loads for good reason. When the maximum weight of those loads is exceeded, this increases the likelihood of the load tipping over, spilling or causing the tractor-trailer to jackknife.

Large blind spots (caused by trailers): Large blind spots obscure potential road hazards.

Driving too many hours without a break: A fatigued driver has a slower reaction time and may even risk falling asleep at the wheel.

Other Vehicles Causing Accidents: Delivery Trucks

Delivery truck drivers have a duty to drive responsibly on the roads and to avoid dangerous and sometimes deadly collisions with other motorists. Due to their size and shape, however, delivery trucks often obstruct drivers' views, limiting their ability to see other drivers, resulting in accidents.

Delivery truck drivers may also pull over in restricted areas or double park on city streets with their flashers on, to deliver their goods. Unfortunately, this habit causes an obstacle course for traffic and may result in an accident.

For the innocent pedestrian, this can prove deadly as the view from oncoming traffic is restricted and often a vehicle is unable to stop until it is too late.

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