Helping You With Personal Injury, Criminal Defense And Estate Planning

When that accident shouldn't have happened or when life throws the unexpected at you, we can help. We are the experienced attorneys at Wood & Gresham, P.C., giving clients the benefit of our more than 30 years of combined legal experience.

When The Accident Shouldn't Have Happened, We Can Help

Accidents happen unexpectedly, and sometimes when they do, they result in serious personal injury or even in death. But some of those accidents shouldn't have happened at all. Not if someone was paying attention and carrying out his or her responsibilities.

When the responsible party isn't so responsible and you get seriously injured, you need legal help. That's why we're here, for you. We are the experienced personal injury lawyers at Wood & Gresham, P.C.

Whether you are seriously injured in a slip-and-fall, a motor vehicle accident, a construction accident or a nursing home, we can get you the compensation you need to recover.

Because our attorneys — Daniel Wood and David Gresham — spent the early part of their legal careers defending insurance companies against personal injury claims, we know how to frame our clients' personal injury claims to avoid insurance companies' common defenses.

Defending You From The Unexpected: Protecting You From The Inevitable

Even law-abiding citizens get arrested, given the right set of circumstances. And like it or not, everyone will die at some point.

Who can help you deal with the unexpected? Help you prepare for the inevitable?

We can. We can defend you from unexpected criminal charges and protect your legacy from your inevitable demise.

  • Criminal defense: We help defend against criminal charges, including domestic violence, assault and battery.
  • Trusts, wills and probate: No matter your stage of life, estate planning documents can help protect your loved ones in the event of your incapacity or death.

For Personal Injury, Criminal Defense Or Estate Planning, Talk To Us

If you've been seriously injured in an accident, charged with a crime or need to get your estate in order, the attorneys at Wood & Gresham, P.C., in Wrentham, Massachusetts, can help. To schedule your free initial consultation, call 508-384-2008 or complete the online form.