Your Real Estate Buyer Representation Lawyers

Buying a new home, condominium, or land is one of the most monumental purchases you will make as a consumer. No matter if you are purchasing your first condominium or single-family home, or whether you are building your custom dream home, this transaction can often be a bit complex and confusing.

Wood & Gresham, P.C., in Massachusetts, has the knowledge and experience to help guide you throughout the entire purchase process. Our lawyers have assisted buyers with the successful negotiation of purchase contracts and the resolution of intricate title issues. We will remind you of various contingencies within your purchase contract to ensure the protection of your purchase deposit. During each portion of the purchase process we are easily accessible to answer questions and assist with any concerns. Our goal is to ensure that your purchase is a stress free, transaction.

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Our Buyer Services

  • Review and drafting of offer to purchase
  • Review and negotiate purchase and sale agreement, and draft a "buyer's rider"
  • Advise as to dates for mortgage contingencies and other contingencies
  • Negotiate and request extensions, upon request
  • Thorough review of title examination
  • Resolution of title issues
  • Provide certification of title
  • Procure and issue owner's title insurance
  • Prepare, review, and explain HUD-1 settlement statement
  • Review and explain all closing documents

Day Of The Sale

On the day of your sale, there are a few items that are necessary for the transaction:

  • State-issued driver's license: You will need valid photo identification.
  • Keys: Please bring any keys, as well as any alarm codes/information and garage door openers.
  • Smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector certification: Inspections must be conducted, and certifications should be issued, by the local fire department within 60 days of the closing date.
  • Signed deed: Your lawyer will draft the deed from you to the buyer(s). If you are not planning to attend the closing, the deed requires your original signature(s) and must be signed prior to closing, along with a power of attorney, granting your attorney the authority to sign the remaining closing documents on your behalf.
  • Title V inspection report/certificate: This is required for properties serviced by an on-site septic system.
  • Final utility bills and readings: A paid water and/or sewer bill or reading, to be paid at closing, is required. An adjustment for oil, or other applicable fuel, remaining at the property may also be included on the HUD-1 Settlement Statement upon providing a final reading.
  • Tax bill: A copy of the last paid real estate tax bill.
  • 6D certificate or homeowners association certificate: If there are fees assessed to you for common areas, you will need evidence that such fees that may be assessed against your property have been paid as due.

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