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November 2013 Archives

Three people are injured after construction wall collapses

Anytime an accident occurs on someone’s property and someone is injured then the property owner may be held liable for the injuries to that person or persons according to theory of premises liability. Those who own businesses or properties in Franklin, or even those in charge of construction sites, have to make sure they keep those properties safe for anyone who enters them.

Man arrested for leaving the scene of an accident causing injury

There are many ways a person in the Franklin area can suffer a personal injury. One of the most common ways is from being involved in a car accident. When someone is hurt in a motor vehicle accident because someone else has acted negligently, then the injured person may be entitled to compensation.

Obesity surgeon deemed negligent has license suspended

When a person in the Franklin area seeks medical attention for any reason he or she expects to receive the best care possible, no matter what the situation. Although most of the time doctors and nurses act carefully and professionally, sometimes mistakes still happen.

Four people killed after serious car crash

No one ever wants to be involved in a car accident, especially one that includes someone being injured. Any car accident in the Franklin area can leave a person with serious injuries that can affect him or her for a lifetime. When someone causes an accident because of negligence or carelessness then that person may liable if someone else is injured.

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