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June 2014 Archives

Woman files lawsuit against The Home Depot after taking a fall

In the busy rush of life people visit many places on any given day. Although in most instances people come and go without incident, sometimes accidents and injuries occur in public places in the Franklin area. Sometimes these accidents occur due to an unfortunate set of circumstances. However, other times, accidents happen because of a negligent property owner. When someone is injured because of negligence then he or she might be eligible for compensation.

Three teens hurt, one in critical condition, after serious crash

Car accidents are never a good thing, especially when someone is seriously hurt as a result. Some accidents are just unfortunate mishaps, however, sometimes drivers in the Franklin area do not exercise enough caution or care and end up causing an accident that could have otherwise been avoided. When someone is hurt due to another person’s negligent or careless behavior, then he or she could be eligible for compensation.

Woman files lawsuit after being injured by broken mirror

Being involved in an accident of any kind can be bad. However, some accidents could be avoided if the proper safety steps were taken in order to prevent them. Anyone in the Norfolk area, who has been hurt due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness, might be eligible for compensation.

One man killed, three injured after drunk driver causes accident

Whenever someone who has been drinking gets behind the wheel of a vehicle they put their own life and the lives of anyone else on the road in danger. When someone in the Franklin area is hurt in an accident that has been caused by a drunk driver, he or she might be eligible for compensation.

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