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What documents will my car accident attorney need?

Car accidents happen every day and of course they are never good. Fortunately, not all car crashes are serious or leave people with permanent injuries. However, some crashes do seriously hurt those who are involved, which leads some people to seek the help of an attorney. If you are considering, or have already decided, to meet with an attorney regarding a car accident, there are some important documents that you should be ready to share with him or her. They include:

  • Your insurance policy – you need to bring a copy of your policy so your attorney can see what recovery benefits you might be eligible to receive.
  • Any information you exchanged at the site of the accident – your attorney might need the names and numbers of anyone who was at the scene of the accident.
  • Proof of premium payments – your lawyer will also need to see that you are current on your insurance payments.
  • A copy of any citations that were given due to the accident – your car accident attorney will want to see any tickets you may have been issued.
  • Any information given by law enforcement after the crash – if officers have filed a report regarding the accident, then your attorney will want to review that information, as well.
  • Any statement you have made to the insurance company – sometimes, insurance companies ask for recorded statements. You can ask for a copy of those and provide it to your attorney.

According to Findlaw, these are just some of the documents you should probably have prepared when you meet with a car accident attorney. By preparing these documents before you meet with your lawyer you can save him or her time and effort, which might help your lawyer determine how to proceed with your particular case more quickly and efficiently.


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