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The many affects of construction accidents

Construction accidents, like any other type of accident are never good, and many times they can be very serious. Accidents at Norfolk construction sites not only hurt workers, but they can also hurt innocent bystanders. Construction sites are inherently dangerous, as well, which means they are more susceptible to people being injured compared to many other types of worksites.

According to OSHA.gov there are many ways for people to suffer a construction injury at a worksite, but some of the most common ways include:

  • Falling from high places – with workers on scaffolding, cranes and other types of lifts the chances for falling from high elevations are always greater.
  • Being hit by falling objects – workers on the ground, or even innocent bystanders are more likely to be struck by falling debris at a construction site.
  • Heavy equipment and dangerous tools – construction sites almost always include heavy equipment and tools that can be very dangerous, which increases the chance of injury.

When a person suffers a construction injury there are several possible outcomes. Many times the worker receives workers’ compensation for wages lost due to the injury. Meantime, according to MASS.gov, the injured person also has the right to receive any reasonable medical care in the recovery process, including payment for medical expenses and medication. However, a person might decide to pursue legal action against those responsible as well.

Anyone who is hurt in a construction accident should report the injury right away if they are physically able to do so. It’s also important to fill out a compensation claim and, if one should decide to seek legal action, contact an attorney. In any case, it is important to act quickly as any delay could stall the process.

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