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Two young girls seriously injured after being struck by pickup

When someone in the Franklin area is involved in a car accident the possibility of serious injury always exists. When a pedestrian is involved the incident can be much worse and usually is. Accidents happen all the time, but when they occur due to a careless or negligent driver then anyone who is injured might be awarded damages for his or her injuries and suffering.

Two young girls are still recovering from serious injuries, including one who is still fighting for her life, after they were hit by a truck while crossing the street, recently. According to reports, the girls were attempting to cross the street near a bus stop when the vehicle struck them. It was not reported if the girls were in a crosswalk but the accident happened at an intersection.

No charges have been filed at this point, but the incident is still under investigation. According to reports, a 65-year-old man was driving the truck in questions and authorities say that the glare from the sun played a role in the crash. One of two girls, an 11-years-old, suffered life-threatening head injuries and was listed in critical condition. The other girl, who is 13-years-old, reportedly had a possible femur fracture but was in stable condition.

Although authorities have not charged the man, there could still be charges against him if he is found to have acted negligently or recklessly in any way. If you have been hurt in an accident because of another person acting carelessly, then you might be eligible for compensation. If you find yourself in this situation, then maybe you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Source: NECN, “11-year-old girl hit by car, suffers life-threatening injuries,” Glenn Marshall and Tim Jones, Sep. 25, 2014.

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