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Medical Malpractice Archives

Doctors agree to pay millions in medical malpractice settlement

No one ever expects to be injured or become ill when they visit the doctor for treatment. In most cases, doctors and other health care professionals do their best to give patients the best treatment possible. However, in some cases, doctors fail to use their best judgment and patients can end up worse. If someone in the Franklin area is hurt or becomes ill because of a doctors mistake or negligent behavior, he or she could receive damages.

Court rules family can pursue lawsuit over woman frozen to death

When a person goes to the hospital or any other medical facility for treatment, he or she expects to be cared for properly. However, even doctors make mistakes sometimes and accidents do happen. On the other hand, sometimes, medical professionals in the Franklin area are negligent and in turn patients suffer unnecessary accident, injury, or even death.

Obesity surgeon deemed negligent has license suspended

When a person in the Franklin area seeks medical attention for any reason he or she expects to receive the best care possible, no matter what the situation. Although most of the time doctors and nurses act carefully and professionally, sometimes mistakes still happen.

Patients who received tainted injections waiting for compensation

When a person seeks medical attention for any kind of illness or condition he or she expects to be given the proper care. However sometimes doctors and other medical professionals in the Franklin area make mistakes, which can lead to further injuries or illness for a patient.

Man claims doctor's misdiagnosis caused paralysis, sues doctor

When people in Norfolk County go to the doctor for a medical problem, they expect doctors to easily identify their ailment and provide the correct treatment. Sometimes, however, the process may not be so straightforward and a doctor may misdiagnose the condition, or be unable to determine from what a patient is ailing. Wrong diagnoses can, in some cases, result in worsened medical condition for the patient. Patients who are harmed by a doctor, either due to a mistake or negligence, could choose to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the physician, both to prevent future patients from also being hurt and to seek financial compensation.

Surgical errors a regular occurrence at some top Boston hospitals

When people in Norfolk County require a surgical procedure, they expect a certain level of attentiveness and professionalism from their surgeon and the rest of the surgical staff. Chit chatting and talking on the phone hardly fit in to the type of attention most would feel is required by a doctor who has a life in their hands. All too often this type of medical professional negligence can and does occur.

Doctor could lose medical license due to negligence allegations

Patients in Norfolk County, as well as in other counties throughout the U.S., count on their physicians to carefully and professionally monitor their medical history and conditions. This is not always the case, however, and sometimes medical negligence does occur. In these types of situations, the physician could be held responsible not only in a civil court for medical malpractice; they could also face consequences from the medical board in the state where they practice medicine. 

Fatal error allegedly caused death of California Lap-Band patient

Everyone knows there are risks associated with even minor surgeries. When you check in for a procedure, part of the process includes signing paperwork to affirm that you were made aware of those possibilities. Despite knowing about the potential dangers, few expect that injury by doctor could be the real danger. More often than anyone would like to believe, however, surgical error does occur, and those mistakes can cause worsened medical condition, or even death.

Ovarian cancer often improperly treated: 14,000 die annually

An alarming study from the University of California concluded that just over one-third of women that are diagnosed with ovarian cancer are being medically treated in the appropriate manner. The American Cancer Society estimates that around the country, about 14,000 women will die from this cancer every year.

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