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Nursing Home Neglect Archives

Woman facing charges of abuse of a disabled adult at nursing home

There are thousands of people living in nursing homes across the country, including many in the Norfolk County area. Many of these people enjoy good health care and a positive living environment. However, not all nursing homes provide the proper care to all patients; and sometimes even neglect or abuse can occur.

Nursing home neglect caused woman’s death, jury finds

Making the decision to put a loved one into a nursing home can be difficult for families in Norfolk County, but an elderly family member’s needs may be greater than what their loved ones can provide. When people do choose to move a family member into a nursing facility, they often do so with the expectations of a reasonable standard of care. Unfortunately, however, due to things such as neglect on the part of the nursing home staff or abuse by staff, residents and patients in nursing homes do not always receive the care they require or deserve.

WWII Veteran allegedly beaten, smothered by nursing home staff

Making the decision to move an elderly loved one to a nursing home can be a difficult one for many families. When the decision is made, people in Norfolk County have the expectation that their family member will be provided a reasonable standard of care. Unfortunately, however, sometimes nursing home patients do not receive the care they deserve. Nursing home neglect and abuse can and do occur, more often than most people would like to think.

Study shows staggering percentages of nursing home abuse

Regardless of whether you are in Norfolk County or some other locality, people are faced each day with the difficult decision of how to best care for their aging parents. While most readers would likely hope that any nursing home or healthcare facility would provide a reasonable standard of care to those who cannot care for themselves, that is not always the case.

Protecting vulnerable loved ones from nursing home neglect

Many residents of Massachusetts are familiar with the struggle of watching a loved one age. When an elderly family member is no longer able to care for themselves on their own, many families will trust the care of that individual to a nursing home. Families assume that in doing so, their loved one will be closely tended to in a comfortable environment. It can be devastating when that trust is broken.

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