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Premises Liability Archives

Derailed roller coaster car leaves four people injured

Although amusement parks can be a great place to get away and enjoy a vacation or even a day of fun, there are also some dangers involved for those who visit them. Accidents can happen just about anywhere, but when they occur because of negligence or carelessness on the part of a property owner then he or she could be held liable for any injuries. Anyone in the Franklin area who has been hurt because of negligence may be eligible for compensation.

Woman files lawsuit against The Home Depot after taking a fall

In the busy rush of life people visit many places on any given day. Although in most instances people come and go without incident, sometimes accidents and injuries occur in public places in the Franklin area. Sometimes these accidents occur due to an unfortunate set of circumstances. However, other times, accidents happen because of a negligent property owner. When someone is injured because of negligence then he or she might be eligible for compensation.

Woman files lawsuit after being injured by broken mirror

Being involved in an accident of any kind can be bad. However, some accidents could be avoided if the proper safety steps were taken in order to prevent them. Anyone in the Norfolk area, who has been hurt due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness, might be eligible for compensation.

Man dies in mining accident after mulch piles collapses

No one really every expects to get hurt on the job, even if he or she works in a high-risk environment. However, accidents happen at work every day in the Norfolk area, as well as anywhere else. Not all accidents are due to carelessness. However, anyone who is hurt at work because of unsafe conditions may be entitled to compensation.

Hotel ordered to pay woman for slip and-and-fall accident

Accidents and injuries can happen to anyone at anytime. Sometimes accidents in the Franklin area occur due to circumstances, which are out of anyone’s control. However, sometimes people get hurt because property owners do not take enough care to make sure that their locations are safe.

Wal-Mart facing suit by woman who alleges wet floor caused fall

Accidents can happen just about anywhere and at anytime. Sometimes accidents occur simply because of an unfortunate set of circumstances that are out of people’s control. However, other times, accident and injuries occur in the Franklin area because a property owner is negligent or careless. When this happens anyone who is injured may be entitled to receive compensation.

Man files civil suit seeking justice for daughter who drowned

Anytime an accident or death occurs it’s a difficult situation for those left behind. When a person is hurt or killed in the Franklin area because someone else was negligent or careless, it can be even more difficult. However, when that does happen that person, or his or her family members, may be entitled to receive compensation.

Airport worker killed after being struck by truck

Most people never consider themselves to be in danger when they are out and about at work, or shopping or engaging in any other activity in a public or private place. However, accidents can happen anywhere, including in Franklin. Meanwhile, those who own property or those who are responsible to ensure that a location is safe can be held accountable when someone is hurt while on that property.

Slip and fall cases are easier to understand with new rule

It is nearly Christmas time and that means that many Worcester County residents are looking to make some last-minute purchases. With the weather we've had this season, however, it could make for a treacherous shopping trip. With wind, snow and ice, it is not that uncommon for someone to fall as he or she walks from the parking lot and into a store. Whether that store took sufficient safety precautions, however, could mean the difference between the slip-and-fall victim winning and losing in a premises liability lawsuit.

Three people are injured after construction wall collapses

Anytime an accident occurs on someone’s property and someone is injured then the property owner may be held liable for the injuries to that person or persons according to theory of premises liability. Those who own businesses or properties in Franklin, or even those in charge of construction sites, have to make sure they keep those properties safe for anyone who enters them.

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