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Workers' Compensation Archives

The many affects of construction accidents

Construction accidents, like any other type of accident are never good, and many times they can be very serious. Accidents at Norfolk construction sites not only hurt workers, but they can also hurt innocent bystanders. Construction sites are inherently dangerous, as well, which means they are more susceptible to people being injured compared to many other types of worksites.

Construction accident leaves two men injured after fall

It’s well known that being a construction worker carries with it inherent risk, but even construction workers deserve to have a safe work site. However, sometimes, work sites are not properly maintained and construction accidents still happen. Anyone in the Franklin area who has been hurt in a construction accident might be eligible for compensation.

Family awarded large settlement for son hurt at construction site

Construction companies in Norfolk, and anywhere else, have the responsibility to ensure that their worksites are safe and free of hazardous conditions. However, if someone is injured due to carelessness then the owner of the construction company could be held liable for that person’s injuries.

Construction worker dies after falling on job at football stadium

Construction sites are almost always an inherently dangerous place to work even though most construction companies try to put safety first. However, despite those efforts, sometimes accidents, injuries or even deaths occur at construction job sites. If an accident occurs in Franklin because of negligence or carelessness then an injured person may be eligible for compensation.

Construction worker hurt after getting stuck in trench

Accidents happen on the job every day in the Franklin area, just like anywhere else. When a person is hurt on the job he or she should probably be paid workers' compensation for any medical bills for his or her injuries, as well as for lost wages for any time missed. No one should get hurt on the job, but when someone is, he or she should be taken care of.

Man hurt in construction site accident, leg partially amputated

Many employers in Norfolk County, and throughout the U.S., have worker’s compensation insurance to cover their workers in the event of an accident. The effects of a workplace injury accident, however, may outlast or surpass the compensation benefits, leaving a worker unfairly affected as a result of being injured on the job.

Hospital worker still unconscious after attacked by patient in ER

Most people in Norfolk County think of hospitals as places of healing. For hospital workers and staff, however, there is the potential for injury and death, just like with many other jobs and worksites. Workers could come in to contact with bio hazardous materials, have equipment malfunction, or be injured by a patient. When this happens, most of the medical expenses are covered by workers’ compensation benefits, but sometimes injuries are so severe that the effects may reach far beyond just hospital bills.

OSHA investigating workplace injury accident in Holyoke

Readers in Norfolk County are likely aware that there are some professions and jobs that can be dangerous. While danger may be inherent in some fields, employers still have a responsibility to ensure they are not subjecting their employees to unsafe working conditions. The Occupational and Safety Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for ensuring that worksites and other places of employment are as safe as possible. Even with safety precautions and policies in place, however, sometimes accidents do occur at places of work and workers can be injured.

Mashpee worker injured in 30-foot fall

Construction can be a dangerous profession. In addition to working with a range of machinery, workers on construction sites often find themselves in precarious positions, such as on a platform high above the ground, when performing their work. When a worker is injured in a construction site accident, they often must receive medical treatment and can find themselves missing time from work.

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